Webster's Dictionary (1913) User Guide

  • To find a word that begins with the search term, type a space first:
    e.g.  web matches web, web-fingered, web-footed ..
  • To find a word that ends with the search term, type a space last:
    e.g. web  matches cobweb, spider's web, web.
  • For an exact match, put a space before and after the search term:
    e.g.  web  matches web.
  • A period will match any character:
    e.g. .w.s.m matches awesome, awesomeness.
  • Remember, this is the 1913 edition and will not contain some modern words.

Factotum Dictionary

A collection of terms defined by me - no guarantee of any kind as to their correctness. Just a few definitions thus far but it will grow. In search results, these are marked f (Factotum). Webster's entries are marked w.